A white American had a mule. With this mule everything was much easier for him. He could reach any border faster. He could pull heavy things. He could even give a ride to his white folks and some black folks too. as long as they paid for it. 
But they always sold the idea that this mule was a privilege. And black people bought this idea. 
Black people started to complain about the misuse of this mule and all the advantages the white dude had from it.

Sometimes this white dude didn’t want to recognise those advantages the mule was giving to him.
Sometimes this white dude knew that the mule gave him this advantage, but it was important to convince the black dude that he could do the same without the mule, as long as he worked hard to feed this mule. So one day he would be able to ride it. Or to own his own one.
And some other blacks made it. Like Oprah, with her foundations and Charity matters, gives sometimes a ride to other black people. Not to all of them, At the end of the day, there is not enough place for everyone on her mule.

One day a non-white person from outside the borders came and watched the black dude complaining of not having this mule. He also watched him hoping that the white dude never had a mule. 
He also saw the white dude riding his mule amid all non-white people who were walking slower.

The black dude asked him: “why don’t you complain with me?”

Why should I?”, answerd the foreign non-white,
-Don’t you see that the white dude goes faster with this mule? 
-Faster than whom? Faster than what? And to go where? the non-white said, before turning his back and crossing the border once more, and disappearing to the other side of the mountain.

The black dude, shaked his head. 
“what an arrogant piece of shit” he thought”. Or maybe he thought: “what a white supremacist supporter”. I don’t remember.

But if he was not born with the idea that the mule was the best thing he could (American) dream of, 
if he was not born with the supremacist idea that within his borders is the best place to be,
If he was not born with the idea that he is the key opinion leader of blackness, 
he would follow the non-white foreigner, just to understand why this non-white foreigner ignored this complaints.

He would cross the mountains after him, and see him riding a horse. A real one, among other people, black and white, riding the same kind of horses.

Horses you don’t have to feed, because from those horses, everyone who rides them, throws a part of theirs seeds on the floor. And those seed turn into the greenest and most delicious grass. This grass makes horses stronger, helps them to multiply so that people who don’t have one, get one for free.
The seeds they throw on the floor to make the grass grow are called taxes.

The black Americane would ask: “Hey! how could you have this horse?”

The non-white foreigner would tell him: “I have been in Medium a long time, to tell you that there are horses over there and the mule YOUR WHITE PEOPLE want to sell you as the best goal, the mule you think that it is the best thing in the world, is overpriced.”

Because here, we have horses for free. We feed them with the facilities those horses gave us. But we do it together. Black and white. You call it socialism and we call it solidarity.

Because we prefer to give everyone a free horse, fed with free healthcare grass, free education seeds, gun-free roots, and all possible food.

And you, you prefer to pay to have a mule, which is fed with lack of solidarity, paid healthcare, paid education and with scars of the bullets you use as an excuse.

For us, having horse is a right, not a privilege. Your mule is just a privilege you aim for. The only privilege you think that exists, because you are so indoctrinated, that you are unable to see beyond your borders, to see that you deserve much more than an overpriced mule. You deserve a free horse.

Your expectations are so low that you think that the white dude has the best animal. We are talking about a fucking mule. A mule you call white privilege.

But the people who run your borders want to make money, selling you the shitty mule, and want to protect their business. They even kill people like MLK to shut up the voices that free horses are available. But they decided to counterfeit the ideological murder into a race murder, because they prefer you to hate them, and still buy their shitty overpriced mules, rather than letting you know, that you can have free horses..

And you? You keep dreaming of the mule and your right to ride it.

You may think that I am arrogant, but I am not. I am just sitting on a free horse which is higher than you, who are standing on the ground. Higher than the mule you aim for. Because you still buy the shitty idea that the highest you can aim for, is a mule.

I am sitting on a free horse, everyone has the right to have, no matter what color his skin has

Your white privilege is my free right. But apparently, telling you that offends you. Maybe a question of (lack of) priorities. At the end, you keep explaining to me that it is your thing and you know best…

It is time you woke up and stop dreaming of a mule and aim for a free horse. But for that you have to work with some other white dudes, who also walk besides you, without a mule, hoping to ride it too.

But no way. Because you still think that it is easier for them to ride this mule. Which is what the mule-riders, the mule-owners and mule-sellers want you to think, as long as you don’t join and unite to those white “co-walkers” to fuck their business down.
White privilege is a shitty mule. And each day you focus on this mule is a day you loose to get a free horse. Each day you prefer to wait for a republican or a democrat to solve your shit, instead of watching beyong the borders to see the free horses and work for it, lead the change with everyone, each of these days is a day you accept their rules.

PS. If we analyze the situation, Democrats sell you a donkey, telling you it is like a horse. But let us face it. It is just an improved (and still paid) version of the SAME MULE.

Jean-Marc Alma-Charlery
Owner of Geosocieties.com

Think deeper, think further, think global

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