by Jean-Marc Alma-Charlery

We are all aware of the racial disparities that exist in the US. The issue doesn’t get better and we may say that we are facing an undercover Apartheid

The checkbox as the ultimate tool to control and to divide.
In Europe, it is almost impossible to have a census of ethnicities. In the UE, it may be a contradiction to say that people are equal in race, sex orientation, religion, gender, etc and at the same time oblige people to provide their ethnicity, when other aspects are not compulsory.

It is interesting to know that the top countries with more racial issues in the western world, (including police violence) are the UK and the US, which use that check box. I don’t know if there is a real correlation, but this aspect is worth studying. but Gott sei dank (thank God in english), the UE got rid of the Brits…

Information is power. Especially when it is used by the power (aka governments)
Each time we give information which is easy to work on, we provide to the institutions a way to control our lives, making policies that are supposed to focus decisions according to the variables we provide, but give them a way to organize their power based on those data.

And let us face it, when you have information on people, you have the power on those people and you will do everything to keep having this power.

And the best way to keep controlling people is to divide them, promote disunity, so that they won’t create a strength that may be the end of the supremacy.

And it works!!! Through that ethnicity checkbox, most Americans feel different from each other. They call themselves, black, African Americans, Native American, Asian Americans, Latino, Eurodecents, and all kinds of ethnicities which may feel different from each other.
Eventually, you have communities who do not want to mix with each other and which will never unite to create a new power.

Special attention to African Americans
Black Americans are for institutions the easiests to control and to manipulate. As a matter of fact, the one drop rule (created by white supremacists) is so deep in the culture, that black Americans take it until now as a gospel rule. And they call (themselves) black even if they are partly black. Without thinking that that rule was set by people who didn’t want them to have access to privilege.

Besides this, they increase emotional ties in their communities and promote this unicity, converting them into an easy target.

In the past, when people wanted to eradicate a group, the easiest way to do it was to attract them where they gather.

Medium platform as a source of information on black people in the US. Black American writers as troyan horses.
If you are a black American writer in Medium, you alway write on race, and you have 2000 followers, you are a very valuable person for institutions, because you provide them all information about your followers. Institutions just have to come here, scrape and collect data about who clapped, and cross data with other social medias, and they know how to focus their policies around this information

If you want to control people, make them think that they are safe or they are strong.
If you want to control people, make them think that they belong to a subgroup or a group. And help them to make this group clearer, so that you target it better

As long as you think that your race is different, you do not want to promote similarities with other groups and you are easy to control emotionally, you are the prey of institutions, because they know exactly how big you are and how you think. and 15% of people who think the same are no danger for the future of supremacist institutions.

A community should never appropriate a concept and make it exclusively its property, because it is easy to manage.
If all black people think that racism is only a white vs blacks, it means that racism is just a 15% thing.

They know how many black people live in the US, and they know how many think that racism is only a black/white thing. Which interest do they have to fight against it?

Stop giving them your data, demonstrate against that checkbox, write less about racism, or about white people. Surprise them at the polls. Stop preparing them for the voting battle. Because you will always lose.

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