by Jean-Marc Alma-Charlery

This publication is about how social data are (mis)used to make decisions from information they provide.

We could perfectly use Social scientist Ross Honeywill’s vision, in which he postulates that social intelligence is “an aggregated measure of self- and social-awareness, evolved social beliefs and attitudes, and a capacity and appetite to manage complex social change”. We could also use the following definition: the ability to understand and manage people, to act wisely in human relations”.
But we have to face the truth: People are not wise, politicians aren’t either. And the nations and governments they work for, much less. Everything is about control.

Information is power. The more information you have about a specific matter, the easier it is for you to make decisions about it. Especially when you need to manipulate people, to run a country, or to take advantage of a situation

Data collection
The most complicated part of getting information is collecting data. Without data, you don’t have any information. The information is the result of how you cluster data, filter them, and separate or link them to each other.

The data themselves are not human. They are facts, what is human, is how you use them. Data are like chemical ingredients: you can use them to transform them into a weapon, or into a medicine.

The problem is, when politicians, laws and governments ask you to give the ingredients you have, telling you that it will help to create a medicine, and at the end of the day, they build weapons.

“Check that box, it will help us to target our awareness towards your specific community.”

Curiously, the word “targeting” is used in weapons terminology. Maybe because it is about this: build social tools (which can be used as weapons), to keep controlling races. Or allow one race to control the other ones.

That ethnicity box most minorities check (otherwise they are checked for them) is the perfect way to know how many they are, where they live, how many are born.

The “how they think”, is measured by crossing the data they already know through the ethnicity box, with the other ones: the social media ones. And social media are not just Facebook, or Twitter. Blogging platforms also belong to it.
What they post, what they think, how dangerous their minds are, what they comment on, whom they clap on Medium or other blogging platforms, which news they share. Everything is easy to find. And from that, they build a perfect politically related information which helps to keep manipulating the crowds.

Social listening as a powerful source of information (Democrat version)

-Look! This one hates republicans. Let us adapt our speech to him so that he votes for us. Let us use his ethnicity to approach him.

-But, what can we offer to him?

-Anything he wishes, at the end, it doesn’t matter. we are not obliged to abide by promises. We are politicians. We just need his vote. Anyway, he has cancer and will die soon. He won’t go back to the Republicans. It is a blessing that they don’t create their own party

Divide to reign better. Or cluster to reign better (Republican version)
-What should we do with poor people who vote for democrats?

-It is easy, there are lots of race influencers (and influenced) who promote the idea that poor white people belong to supremacists. The most important is to make sure that all poor people won’t unite and convert the US into a leftist, communist country like the ones of the European Union which give people everything without asking them to produce.

How can we find those influencers?

-Easy too. We already have their race. Just use programs like Python to get information from their platforms. Most of them start with “dear white people” and/or use words like “white supremacist”. Those are our friends. As long as they think that they are different from poor white people, we can continue to control them

-But do you think we can continue to control them?

-Yes, didn’t you notice that they didn’t see the lefty-socialist speech from MLK right in their face. As long as they see only MLK’s skin, they will keep being a controllable minority. Let us let them have their black leader. Let us even promote it. Because if they start reading the left and socialist part, we will lose control. Anyway, there is no danger, racial radicals and separatists, racial narcissists do the work perfectly. Did you see the results of claps analisis? Most of them get an average of 10 claps pro users and have more than 2000 followers! 2000 people making sure that they are a different kind of poors. and that the others have white privilege!

-And what do we do with those white poor?

-Let us give them something. At the end of the day, they are our people. Is it not the speech that minorities always spread? Who are we to disagree? The more minorities keep hating us (and do not see any common fight that may put us in danger), the better. In the end, it is why MLK was killed.

-Wasn’t it because he was black?

-Where did you say you studied Political Science? We may have to reconsider your place here. Stop reading fairy tales. Please keep scraping blogs and opinion platforms. and make sure that they block some users from Europe.

-How can we do this?

-Just make sure that they criticize black Americans enough to awaken some patriotism. Sometimes, minorities remember “the word right after the hyphen they invented” and they get mad.

Controlling people through the information they provide is easy. Tools like social listening, social intelligence and ethnicity boxes are powerful tools to keep races separated, and keep selling hate and disparity. Because there is nothing easier to control than a divided society. As long as they think they are unique and have nothing in common, they will never be a power.

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