This article is based on 2 things. The first one is that weird comment some “Lovely” person (made to me once, asking me if there was a reason why it supported white supremacists. 
Besides the fact that I told her to fuck off, because in my publication I prefer to promote black dignity than black pain, it showed me how infected some black people in the world start to be by black American supremacists, who are anyway American supremacists. She is not the only one. There are some others who start to follow the trend and start behaving the way Americans want the world to: dividing people instead of uniting, using their racial language such as “dear white people”, or “cultural appropriation”. And make them focus on race, so that they do not touch concepts that “belong to” the white supremacists, such as politics, finance, and geopolitics.

The second one is the very interesting publication from Dwayne Wong about MLK.

What white people want and how they make black Americans swallow the pill.
It is less dangerous for American institutions to let black Americans think that MLK was murdered for race matters than for political matters.
MLK was a socialist, and he had (and still have) enemies in his same race. Black people who believed that being socialist was a political depravation.

We are talking about the 60’s and 70’s when everything was about Cold War.

Capitalism as an ally for systemic racism.
You cannot promote equality and at the same time do nothing to provide basic needs to people, like free healthcare and free education.

You cannot provide equality and at the same time help rich people to have more money instead of helping poor people to have basic income.
Racial disparities start with income disparities, no matter the race. Racial disparities start with education disparities. 
When MLK started to explain that white poor people shouldn’t be ignored, he started to be a problem, because he was starting to touch the fundamentals of capitalism. When you are too social, you become a socialist. And you stop fitting in the American Society.

“Let us kill him and let it be “racial”. It will be the less painful solution for our sacred capitalism.”

The 3 Musketeers and the King’s murder attempt.
When in the book, or in the movie, Richelieu wanted to kill the King, he organized it so that: 
“Some people may see this murder as the Devil’s hand, others may see it as God’s hand. I don’t care, as long as they do not see our hand”.

And it was done: MLK was murdered, and God (for racists) and the Devil (for black people) was behind it. But no one wants to see the real responsibles: Capitalism.

Where is capitalism?
Capitalism is in all American institutions and in both major parties: Democrats and Republicans. What people call “left” in America is seen as far right in Europe. It doesn’t even get close to social democracy. Democrats are the left of the right. A sort of nice Devil. But still a devil.

What does it really mean for black people?
It means that any black person supporting one of those 2 parties is an ally of the supremacist and is feeding the beast that kills, enslaves, hungers and discriminates black people and other minorities.

All black people in major parties are a sort of uncle Toms. All of them are supporters of the supremacists. And it will be the case until black people decide to stop playing the game of capitalism and supremacy, and start working for all people, removing themselves from those institutions and creating a party where none of the supremacists values exists.

I know, some Democrats claim to want to help black people. what some black people applaud, but what about helping all people instead of trying to puppy a community to get their votes?

You cannot try to offer a vaccine to a group of people cheaper than the other groups who can buy it, and at the same time being the one who created the disease.

Black people have to stop thinking that Capitalism is the solution. Each black capitalist, each black Republican, each black Democrat, is a supremacist feeder and supporter.
Each black capitalist, each black republican, each black democrat, keeps murdering MLK, ignoring the real matter he was fighting against: Capitalism.

It is time black people lead the change, or support any person or any race who decides that being social is not a crime. It is a need.

It is not normal that tech Giants like Microsoft, Amazon or Google, have to pay sometime ten times more money to people in Europe to fire them than in the US and US people care less about it than racial matters.
It is not normal that mothers and fathers get 16 weeks of maternity and paternity leave EACH. fully paid in Europe, and US people care less about it than racial matters.
It is not normal that, when you lose your job, the company has to pay you around one month for each worked year and you get 80% of your salary as a jobless during 2 years in Europe, and US people care less about it than racial matters.
It is not normal that each household receives between 150 euros (Spain) and 350 euros (France or Germany) for each child, monthly until the child is 18 in Europe, and in the US care less about it than racial matters.
It is not normal than you have university fees of max 2500 Euros in Europe and 50,000 in the US and US people care less about it than racial matters.

It is not normal that you cannot chose the place you have to live because your race in the US. Your bad. Because you checked the box.

It is not normal that they oblige you to identify your ethnicity, checking a box.

And it is not normal that people keep ignoring that all race issues exist EXACTLY because of those points, and keep feeding the beast, voting for those who created the beast,voting for those who control races and cluster them through ethnicity boxes and sell it to you as “for a good purpose”.

All that instead of presenting an alternative for the whole society?

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