As I said before, my proposals are just ideas to make people’s lives better and remove the racial aspect in the injustice equation. Life IS unfair, but if we suffer, we have to suffer the same.

25. Remove multiple choice exams and replace them by topic and reasoning tests, so that it obliges ethnicities like asians to give more input in reasoning, and provide a fair way to test people according to their capacity to add global knowledge and literature.
Instead of: Who was the Xth president of the US (3 choices), ask: After saying who was his predecessor and follower, explain in a few sentences his input to the American society”
In Chemistry: instead of asking: “what is the chemical symbol of gold (a)AU, b)AG c)HE)?”, ask: “What are the three characteristics of Gold as a Chemical Element (Atomic number, atomic mass and symbol).

In Geography, instead of asking if Europe is: a)continent, b)country, c)island, ask: “please give the difference between the European Union, Europe continent and European Council.” Tell which countries of the followings do not belong to European Union. This will help people have a better global knowlegde instead or converting them into knowledge fordist and just know the minimum required knowledge to be a good American.

26. Adequate legal drinking age to legal age, so that the responsibilities are the same. If you are mature enough to drive, you are mature enough to drink

27. Change the color of all bank notes and make the former color worthless after one year. People may exchange them through their banks and all exchanges above 3,000 a day or 10,000 a week may be reported to the police or to the tax departments. It will avoid money laundering and drug dealers may have problems injecting money in the society without being seen. At the same time, it will put cartels in bad positions because they will have to go to banks to change. The bank capacities will be reduced and the ones which close their eyes on cartels in third countries will have problems to have reserves and may make easier to catch and enforce drug organizations.

28. Forbid payments in cash above 1200$ for any transactions, in order to control wages and enforce wage gaps.

29. Make public wages in all businesses, so that each employee knows how much the others earn, and report it to an office created to control discrimination of races and genders in businesses.

30. Increase taxes in gun purchase (duplicate the taxes) for instance, if someone buys a gun, he may have to pay 45% tax above the price. And if he resells it, the new buyer has to pay 30% tax. At the same time, for each registered gun, create a yearly tax of 120 dollars to keep having it. it will increase the budget of the States. If someone has 2 guns, there will be a 10% reduction on the 2nd gun, a 20% on the third one. 
It means that if you have 3 guns, you will have to pay gun ownership tax: 120 + 108 + 96= 324 euros a year.

31. Replace jail for driving under influence by a fine according to incomes or assets plus point losses in Driving license.

32. Related to the point before, adopt a driving license with points. For instance, driving under influence will make you lose 6 points out of 15, plus the fine commented above. If you lose all your points you cannot drive anymore unless you pass the theoretical driving exam once more, but not before 6 months after losing your driving license and have paid all fines. It will solve the jail collapse.

33. Consider shooting a policeman as self defense if you see that the police has no reason to use his weapon on someone. For instance instead of (or alongside) being there by recording, ask someone to shoot in the air warning the policeman of his illegal or dangerous behavior. Give a legal frame to this action so that the police knows that he is under suspiscion of committing a crime. The police may answer with a LEGAL ACTION!!!Shout, so that the shooter knows and do not perform any crime. But if the police shouts “legal Action” and it is not true, the consecuences will be higher and it will me a real first grade murder.

34. If a policeman shoots an innocent person, all his assets will go to the victim. If he is married and has a house with his wife, the house may be sold to give the half to the victim’s family.

35. Karens laws. Fine people for calling the police for no reason. If someone calls the police because she sees a man entering a house. If it is revealed that the person has the right to be there, for being the owner or the tenant, the person who called the police will have to pay a fine and be listed as potential profiler or race profiler.

36. Restaurants may have to publish the wages of their employees besides the tips, so that people know the commitment of the restaurant with fair wages, and to avoid that some restaurant owners build a business on the investment of employees’ kindness. Tips have to be above the minimum salary and share evenly between employees

To be continued…

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