by Jean-Marc Alma-Charlery

Something has to change in the US. Here is my proposal. It is just a European point of view. Feel free to criticize, to agree, disagree but please justify your opinion.

  1. Remove the checkbox such as no one knows how many of each ethnicity exists and use this information to divide people
  2. The State must be the only buyer of the pharma industry so that those do not try to buy people with their money. The price has to be negotiated at State or country level
  3. Forbid Party Financing through lobbies. Parties can be financed by people up to 15 dollars each person and the rest has to be according to the number of people who voted for them. It will help not only to avoid the legal corruption called Lobbies, but also make parties provide all means that everyone may vote (if they want to make money. The voter becomes a potential client.
  4. Limit University tuition fees to 3500 a year. If the Universities want more money, they can have it from private companies who can decide what part of the 10% of the tax they have to pay is given to the government or to a specific school.
  5. Each company has to pay 10% of education tax included to the taxes they pay. but they decide which University or school gets this money. The university or school has to try to get this money convincing the firms and self employed people that they are the ones who deserve it.
  6. Firms cannot give to the same university this money more than twice in two years. It is the best solution to involve the market into education a fair way
  7. Doctors cannot provide any recommendation to insurance companies to finance or not a surgery. Insurance companies cannot deny a surgery,
  8. If a doctor gives a bad recommendation for surgery or treatment, he will lose his license. He can continue to be a doctor, but cannot work in private or public clinics or hospitals.
  9. People with more than a traditional gun have to fill a form as potential danger for society.
  10. Automatic weapons will be considered as war weapons and can only be used under martial wars. Prices of the munitions will be increased 100% with taxes, so that this money gets into the state. (hobby shooting will be a very lucrative luxury for the State hahahahah). People with automatic guns won’t be allowed to travel unless the country of destination knows that this person is a potential danger and has the right to deny him access.
  11. Policemen who never shooted will be rewarded with an extra wage every year
  12. Policemen who controlled a certain number of people with no particular legal consequences (for instance nothing was discovered, everything is fine) or with a lawsuit with a legal consequence for the police department, will have its wage reduced for the following year by 50 cents a month for each unnecessary stop. But if the stop is reasonable because it helped to stop a criminal, they will have a reward up to 2 dollars more for each criminal. They will have to decide if it is worth stopping people. If the stop is decided by the highest graded officer in the patrol car, the other one has to show his disapproval before the stop, otherwise he loses the same amount of money. With the disapprovement, the highest graded in the car will lose twice the money

To be continued…

Jean-Marc Alma-Charlery
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